Jirong Zhang: Lower Pain - Are You Suffering?

January 16th, 2009

Lower Pain: A broad term for pain in the lower part of the body, may refer to: lower back pain, pain in hip, knee, heel, leg and feet. (An explanation of Lower Pain by Jirong Zhang) feromonok strong magnet

In Chinese Medicine, pain in the lower part of the body may all related to the deficiency of Kidney energy. The kidney meridian is a powerful meridian which governs th foundation of our body. feromoni strong magnet

If you go to see a senior Chinese Medicine doctor in the village (imangine one with the long white beard and white hair, guessing age over 110) and complain about your: back pain, knee weakness and a strange pain in the heel from time to time, he may tell you the same formula will heal all your problems. φερομόνες strong magnet

One of the very effective treatment for Lower Pain is Acupuncture or Acupuncture in combination of massage, cupping or other Chinese remedial therapies.You may say: I have tried them, but they don’t seem to work for me. I would suggest to you: try another practitioner. It’s not the treatment that does not work, it’s the particular practitioner who did not make the treatment work for you. feromonas strong magnet

Chinese Medicine is a modality that the results of the treatment relies heavily on how the practitioner applies the treatment principles, skills and energies. It also lies on the energy links between the patient and the practitioner. If you are still suffering and did not get the results you want yet, just say “Thank you!” to your practitioner and try to find a practitioner that can help your problem. feromoni strong magnet

The final advice is: don’t suffer! There will be a way to get you out of the lower pain. feromoni strong magnet

I am always ready to take any medical challenge with my patients, and support you with any of your health dreams, e.g. save your knee from an uncandy operation; or getting up every morning with no pain. Jirong Zhang can not guarantee results, but I can guarantee I put in 100% of heart & energy in every case I deal with.

Jirong Zhang Chinese Medicine

November 19th, 2008

Ask the Right Questions, You will get the Right Answers

Author:  Jirong Zhang/Chinese Medicine

Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine

Secrets to abundant energy, perfect health and longevity (1)

Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, often called simply the “Nei Jing”, is regarded as the ultmost important book in the whole history of Chinese Medicine, influencing acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Qi Gong , massages and all modalities of Chinese therapies. This Classic  is based on the dialogue of Yellow Emperor(Huang Di) and his teacher (Qi Bo). The book was probably first came into being around 200B.C. It revealed the secrets to abundant energy, perfect health and longevity.

After 22 years dedicating to helping people to rediscover health and youthful vitality, I would like to share some of the great teachings from this valuable book with all of you. The principles, the techniques, the strategies in this classic, I have applied it in many healing cases of chronic and difficult conditions, including: chronic pains, high blood pressure, infertility, migraines etc. And it works wonders!

The format of my post will be: Paragraph of Translation followed by commentary.

Author:  Jirong Zhang/Chinese Medicine


Chapter 1        The Universal Truth

In ancient times, the Yellow Emperor was a born spirit, even as a baby at a very early age he could talk about things around him, as a kid,  he could compete with any grow-ups in wisdom and strategies. After he grew up, he was sincere, wise, honest and compassionate. He was developed as a natural leader and become the Son of the Heaven – the Emperor.

He raised the question to the Heavenly Teacher “I’ver heard that in the days of old everyone lived one hundred years without showing the usual signs of aging. In our time, however, people age prematurely, living only fifty years. Is this due to a change in the environment, or is it because people have lost the correct way of life ? ” 

The question that Yellow Emperor asked 5000 thousands of years ago, today, I, Jirong Zhang, a Chinese Medicine practitioner, acupuncturist , herbalist , will also ask the same questions. Everyone in the modern world, I believe will ask the same questions.

Fortunately - When the right questions are asked, the right answers will come. In my next post, we will hear the answers from QiBo, the heavenly teacher who was then the minister of health for the Yellow Emperor.

Jirong Zhang Chinese Medicine

November 11th, 2008

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